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Not only will you sample a mind-blowing, tastebud-overloading array of offerings from some of New York’s best restaurants, you’ll explore a village of variously themed food and drink pavilions. An amusement park of food and drink, you might say. Each will feature a curated selection of food and drink vendors built around a particular theme.


Wine Tasting Pavillion

The wine-tasting pavillion will feature more than 100 great wines from around the world—presented by the winemakers, importers, sommeliers and regional representatives themselves. So treat your palate to a taste or full-sized glass at individual tasting stations and have some righteous vino knowledge dropped on you by our staff. Tasting ticket packages, available at the wine tent box office, will help guide you through the global selection with the nose of an expert sommelier.

Our partner, JetBlue , New York’s Hometown Airline™ and the State of New York are proud to bring you some of the top wines from the cities JetBlue services, including Syracuse, Rochester and New York City. Come wine with the airline and enjoy generous pours from Wagner Vineyards, Anthony Road Wine Co., Paumanok Vineyards and Leonard Oakes Estate Winery.


Beer Tasting Pavillion

Modeled after the ornate Oktoberfest tents, the GoogaMooga beer-tasting pavillion, will feature over 30 different domestic and foreign craft beer makers, pouring—and telling you about—their creations. Lagers, pilsners, ales, stouts, wheat beers—these are brews you pair with food just as you do wines. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a beer al fresco in the Beer Tasting Courtyard, presented by Blue Moon. We will be serving Blue Moon and Captain Lawrence on tap throughout the entire festival grounds so grab a beer to pair with your delicious meal!



It’s no longer the “other white meat,”—it’s the main event. At Hamageddon we honor the pig in all its porcine deliciousness.

A talented roster of restaurant vendors will dish out a creative variety of pork platters. Take a pilgrimage to BaconLand and indulge in a bacon tasting or wobble over to worship at the altar of Henri the metal pig.


Hamburger Area

Who’s got the best burger in NYC? It’s an endless debate. We’re not going to settle it, but we are going to make it more interesting. At the Hamburger Area, some of the city’s best burgermeisters will work their buns off serving up their interpretations of America’s best-loved sandwich. Participants include Burger Joint, DuMont Burger, Umami Burger and The Brindle Room.


Pizza Area

How do you like yours? There are so many pizza permutations, you never have to eat the same slice twice. NYC is one of the world’s pizza capitals, and in our pizza area some of the city’s famed pizzamasters will go pies-out for you. You can’t top that. (Or maybe you can.) Participants include Roberta’s, South Brooklyn Pizza, Motorino and Pizza Moto.


Cafe GoogaMooga


Great GoogaMooga salutes writers, readers and coffee-lovers with Café GoogaMooga, a stage where the culinary meets the literary. We’re partnering with Housing Works Bookstore Café and WORD to create a food literature festival-within-a-festival. The coffeehouse-style venue will feature readings, talks, round tables, interviews and book signings.

The topic, of course, will be food, drink & music. You’ll enjoy fiction, nonfiction, poetry, criticism and cookbook lit. Along with espresso, cappuccino, pour over & iced coffee.

We’ll put the spotlight on writers—from celebrity-chef authors and food writers to novelists and poets—who employ food, drink and music as main ingredients of their craft.

Housing Works Bookstore Café is a downtown cultural icon, hosting readings, concerts, storytelling and special events. All profits help provide housing, healthcare, job training and advocacy for New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS.

WORD, an independent Greenpoint bookstore, hosts readings, author Q&As, potluck dinners and other events that promote the civic and cultural vitality of its community.


The Legend of El CaVino

The story of El CaVINO traces the obscure rise and fall of a gifted sommelier who sniffed and spat his way to the pinnacle of connoisseurship—only to vanish from the wine world before his prodigious talents were fully recognized. Trent Lafleur was perhaps the finest sommelier ever to work the Canadian lake resorts in the late 1960’s. He could correctly identify every classified growth Bordeaux from 1898-1966—tasted blind while smoking a cigarette. Sadly though, Lafleur’s most recognizable flaw was himself. Despite his many flaws, he found strength in weakness.

A notorious brawler, his olfactory seemed to develop an almost paranormal acuity with each broken nose. But all of that came to a tragic end in a Calabrian wine bar in rural Alberta, when Trent Lafleur lost a simple bet. He failed to correctly identify the wine in his glass. Had he guessed correctly, the wine bar’s brand new El CaVINO was Trent’s to keep. An incorrect guess, and Trent had to purchase two thousand cases of 1969 Ciro from the cousin of the wine bar’s proprietor in Philadelphia. No one knows what really happened on that frigid night outside of Flin Flon, but let’s just say that somehow Trent came away with the car. Trent wasn’t going to settle for bunk Ciro.

Trent Lafleur is still out there somewhere—perhaps drinking a glass of golden Tokaji along the Danube, or growing biodynamic Siegrebbe on a remote Canadian island. No one will ever know for sure. The only evidence of Trent is the El CaVINO, found at a salvage lot in Central Florida, and restored it to its full glory.

We’re proud to serve wine from the back of El CaVINO at Great GoogaMooga. Trent, this one’s for you, eh.


The Great GoogaMooga Cake

The GoogaMooga 25 foot tall flourescent polka dotted cake sculpture was created by sugar artist Margaret Braun. Stay late, we hear it glows in the dark!

Margaret Braun – author of Cakewalk (Rizzoli) is a sugar artist and sculptor who’s boundary breaking style has redefined the art of cake decorating. Margaret and her work have been featured extensively in print tv,and film. She lives and works NYC.