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Volunteer Information

Want to help out and be part of Great GoogaMooga? We have a few volunteer jobs available for people who love food or Prospect Park or, ideally, both. In exchange for volunteering you will receive tickets to the festival or vouchers for select vendors throughout the site.

General Event Volunteers

Volunteers at Great Googamooga assist with site build, vendor coordination, park information, and many other responsibilities that are essential to putting on a festival. It is a great opportunity to learn and be “behind the scenes.” For additional information, please email or follow the link below to the volunteer interest form. A $30 refundable deposit will be required of all accepted volunteers in order to secure your spot. If the shift is not completed, the deposit will be forfeited as a penalty.


Clean Vibes Volunteers

Clean Vibes is looking for Trash Talker®/Clean Up Volunteers! You will be helping attendees dispose of their waste in the proper container (compost, recycling, or landfill) and assisting the Clean Vibes Crew in keeping the tables and grounds clear and safe for everyone. If you are interested in helping Clean Vibes keep Prospect Park clean and green, and receiving some delicious food and drinks, please click here or email for more information.